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purple fluorite crystals


Fluorite often times has bright fluorescence under ultraviolet light, revealing bright colors that range from purples and blues to brilliant greens and pinks. Anyone with a fluorescent mineral collection probably has a piece of fluorescent blue fluorite, the most common fluorescent color for this mineral.
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aragonite crystals

Mineral of the Month: Aragonite

As your trusted source for fluorescent minerals, we've chosen aragonite as the current "Mineral of the Month" to share with you.
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A green aventurine quartz greenlandite cabochon

Mineral of the Month: Greenlandite, The Story of One of Earth’s Oldest Gemstones

A rare gemstone, greenlandite began its remarkable journey in the land of Greenland, where rugged landscapes and fascinating geology intertwined. Greenland was renowned for its geological diversity and bountiful array of minerals, but only some were as captivating as the precious stone known as "Greenlandite."
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A nuummite cabochon set in a piece of sterling silver

Mineral of the Month: Nuummite (Greenland)

Welcome to our monthly feature where we showcase a special mineral. This month, we are excited to highlight Nuummite, an exquisite metamorphic rock renowned for its deep black color and shimmering golden bands. To unravel the history and origin of this ancient stone, we embark on a journey to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, accessible only by boat. 
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