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fluorescent mineral specimen of tugtupite, sodalite

Common Questions About Fluorescent Minerals – An FAQ Guide

Fluorescent minerals can be fascinating to those who discover these hidden treasures and they often raise various questions. Here are some common questions related to fluorescent minerals.
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purple fluorite crystals


Fluorite often times has bright fluorescence under ultraviolet light, revealing bright colors that range from purples and blues to brilliant greens and pinks. Anyone with a fluorescent mineral collection probably has a piece of fluorescent blue fluorite, the most common fluorescent color for this mineral.
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calcite, hydrozincite, aragonite, diopside specimen under UV light

Long Lake Zinc Mine - Ontario Canada

The sun was slowly setting so we made dinner and relaxed a while (amazing how slowly the sun sets when you're waiting for it). Once it got dark collected started in earnest. The first thing you notice is the bright blue hydrozincite everywhere on red calcite. All of the small rocks glow. We proceeded to check out the large boulders laying around on the surface and quickly determined that dozens of prior collectors had done the same. That's why they're still lying around.
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aragonite crystals

Mineral of the Month: Aragonite

As your trusted source for fluorescent minerals, we've chosen aragonite as the current "Mineral of the Month" to share with you.
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a group of fluorescent minerals

Earth's Hidden Treasures: Exploring the Top 10 Most Common Fluorescent Minerals

Explore the top ten most common fluorescent minerals such as fluorite, opal, calcite, aragonite, willemite, hackmanite and more. When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, these remarkable specimens emit a captivating and colorful glow
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An image of kangerlussaq shore

Kangerlussaq Minerals - The Fluorescent Minerals of Greenland – Part 5

The Kangerluarsuk Fjord forms the southeast boundary of the Ilimaussaq Complex.  Like Tunulliarfik, the fjord cuts right through the complex.  Steep cliffs rise from each side of the fjord.  A large, relatively flat, rock-strewn area is located at the end of the fjord and is one of the three most productive areas in the complex. 
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sodalite beach in greenland

Tunuliarfik Minerals - The Fluorescent Minerals of Greenland – Part 4

The Tunulliarfik Fjord cuts right through the middle of the Ilimaussaq Complex. Traveling by boat from Narsaq the sights are wondrous; the deep blue water of the fjords broken by massive white and blue icebergs contrasts remarkably to the rocky cliffs and sparse vegetation on either side of the fjord. Upon approaching the transition zone into the complex the appearance of the land changes abruptly. 
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Hydrozincite sphalerite calcite from columbia mine kentucky

The Columbia Mine - Kentucky

Located in southwest Kentucky, the Columbia Mine was opened by Andrew Jackson in the early 1800's. It is situated in the famous Illinois-Kentucky fluorospar belt and is but one of hundreds of little mines that have operated in this area from 1800 to the late 20th century. Nearby are several other mines (Eureka and others) but the Columbia so far has been the only one to produce significant fluorescent specimens.
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tugtupite beryllite

Kvanefjeld Minerals - The Fluorescent Minerals of Greenland – Part 3

Atop Kvanefjeld one is greeted with a wonderful view of the valley below, Narsaq in the distance, and the iceberg dotted fjords. It is easy to spend the entire day exploring the relatively flat areas at the top, and digging through the years of tailings that the locals have amassed while searching for gem red tugtupite. 
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fluorescent leucophanite

Rocks and Lox in Norway

The list of fluorescents includes leucophanite and closely related meliphanite, feldspar, sodalite, rosenbuschite, helvite, apatite and zircon. Our original plan was based on the fact that despite the variety of fluorescents available, collecting at Langesundsfjord has always been done without the benefit of UV lamps. This same situation has led to the amazing and continuing underestimation of Ilimaussaq as a fluorescent collecting paradise. 
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taseq slope

Taseq Slope Minerals - The Fluorescent Minerals of Greenland – Part 2

There are three areas of interest on the Taseq Slopes: the eastern slopes, middle slopes, and western slopes. Only the western slopes have been extensively surveyed (by H. Sorensen and others in the mid 60’s). This area is noted for the heavy concentrations of beryllium, and produces some fantastic specimens. The middle slopes and eastern slopes both produce great examples of sodalite and tugtupite, along with a myriad of unidentified species. 
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Fluorescent Mineral Collecting In and Around Langban, Sweden (2010)

Fluorescent Mineral Collecting In and Around Langban, Sweden (2010)

The approximately five-hour drive to Filipstad, in the State of Värmland, Sweden meandered through beautiful Norwegian rural areas (we kept hearing this voice say "recalculating"), before reaching a major highway in Sweden. 
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