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MinerShop's founder, Mark Cole, visited Greenland for the first time in 2001. This expedition led to remarkable discoveries, unveiling never-before-seen minerals that have captivated the hobbyist community. “Fantasy Rock” has become famous for it’s wild assemblage of colors.  Over 6 varieties of hackmanite were discovered ranging from a gemmy green to a reddish color.  The brightest sodalite in the world became a world-class standard to which other sodalites are compared. Numerous rare minerals were introduced to the hobby.

We collect our own specimens from the Ilimaussaq Complex, a "'Geologists Mecca" in Southern Greenland. Since then we've returned over a dozen times and have introduced numerous new fluorescent mineral species to the hobby.

The Minerals of Greenland and the Localities are a major focus of this web site.  Over 200 minerals have been identified from  the Ilimaussaq Complex, South Greenland - and over 15 are only found here.  Ilimaussaq is the type locality for dozens of alkaline minerals including tugtupite, ussingite, polylithionite, sorensenite, and more.  Rare minerals such as chkalovite, leucophanite, catapleite, villiaumite and dozens more add to the allure of this remote "Geologist's mecca".

In the past several years, this area has become a world-class locale for fluorescent minerals and deeply tenebrescent sodalite hackmanite.  

MinerShop now offers a variety of minerals for sale including fluorescent minerals such as tugtupite, sodalite, calcite, fluorite, apatite, sphalerite, halite, aragonite, crystals and more. Check out our rock shop today! 

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