UV Flashlights

Looking for the best UV flashlights to enhance your mineral collecting hobby? MinerShop offers a wide variety of reliable UV lights for minerals, including cutting-edge shortwave UV flashlights that you won’t find anywhere else. Discover the best UV light for rocks at MinerShop today!


UV Flashlights


Mini Longwave 365nm Flashlight

4 reviews
$19.99 USD
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NITELITE 2-in-1 365nm Ultraviolet And White Flashlight

2 reviews
$29.00 USD $39.00 USD
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Engenious Designs Flashlights

MinerShop has had a close relationship with Engenious over
the years and has entered into an agreement to sell their exceptionally
well-engineered flashlights. A leader in UV lighting solutions, Engenious
Designs was founded in 2016 with the goal of using their electrical and
mechanical engineering backgrounds to bring cutting edge, reliable, and
affordable UV light fixtures, flashlights, and custom solutions to the
fluorescent rock and mineral collecting community. They have designed and
manufactured dozens of state-of-the art UV lights and have plans for many more
next-generation designs already in development. For more information, go to

UV is harmful to the eyesight of all living creatures.  The use of UV-blocking eye protection is strongly recommended. UV lights should be only used by adults or under adult supervision, with proper instruction and knowledge. UV lights should be used to
illuminate objects only, never anyone/anything that has eyes.

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