For over 20 years, MinerShop has sold high quality mineral specimens. We specialize in rare Greenland minerals and fluorescent minerals.

We also offer a wide variety of minerals and crystals from all over the world.

A fantasy rock specimen from Greenland containing Tugtupite, Sodalite, Analcime
A fantasy rock from Greenland consisting of minerals like tugtupite, sodalite and more


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A shortwave UV flashlight
A shortwave UV flashlight

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MinerShop has been supplying collectors with high quality fluorescent rocks and mineral specimens for over 20 years. We currently offer a variety of rare minerals for sale, specializing in Greenland minerals from the Ilimaussaq Complex. These include various types of deeply tenebrescent sodalite (variety hackmanite), many varieties of tugtupite, ussingite, polylithionite, sorensenite, chkalovite and other rare minerals. We also have a wide offering of minerals for sale from around the world including minerals such as fluorite, calcite, feldspar, apatite, aragonite, crystals, gems and more. Check out our rock shop today! We collect our own specimens from the Ilimaussaq Complex, a "Geologist's Mecca" in Southern Greenland.​

If you are looking for information on UV lights, rare fluorescent mineral collecting, mineral displays, you can read more about getting started in the fluorescent mineral hobby

fluorescent mineral specimen of tugtupite, sodalite

Common Questions About Fluorescent Minerals – An FAQ Guide

Fluorescent minerals can be fascinating to those who discover these hidden treasures and they often raise various questions. Here are some common questions related to fluorescent minerals.
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purple fluorite crystals


Fluorite often times has bright fluorescence under ultraviolet light, revealing bright colors that range from purples and blues to brilliant greens and pinks. Anyone with a fluorescent mineral collection probably has a piece of fluorescent blue fluorite, the most common fluorescent color for this mineral.
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calcite, hydrozincite, aragonite, diopside specimen under UV light

Long Lake Zinc Mine - Ontario Canada

The sun was slowly setting so we made dinner and relaxed a while (amazing how slowly the sun sets when you're waiting for it). Once it got dark collected started in earnest. The first thing you notice is the bright blue hydrozincite everywhere on red calcite. All of the small rocks glow. We proceeded to check out the large boulders laying around on the surface and quickly determined that dozens of prior collectors had done the same. That's why they're still lying around.
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We post minerals on Ebay at auction every other Thursday starting at 10pm EST.  They run for ten days until Sunday night 10pm EST.  The cycle repeats on the next Thursday resulting in specimens listed for sale every two weeks.

Our minerals are listed on Ebay - Seller ID: MinerShop

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