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fluorescent mineral specimen of tugtupite, sodalite

Common Questions About Fluorescent Minerals – An FAQ Guide

Fluorescent minerals can be fascinating to those who discover these hidden treasures and they often raise various questions. Here are some common questions related to fluorescent minerals.
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Hydrozincite sphalerite calcite from columbia mine kentucky

The Columbia Mine - Kentucky

Located in southwest Kentucky, the Columbia Mine was opened by Andrew Jackson in the early 1800's. It is situated in the famous Illinois-Kentucky fluorospar belt and is but one of hundreds of little mines that have operated in this area from 1800 to the late 20th century. Nearby are several other mines (Eureka and others) but the Columbia so far has been the only one to produce significant fluorescent specimens.
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fluorescent leucophanite

Rocks and Lox in Norway

The list of fluorescents includes leucophanite and closely related meliphanite, feldspar, sodalite, rosenbuschite, helvite, apatite and zircon. Our original plan was based on the fact that despite the variety of fluorescents available, collecting at Langesundsfjord has always been done without the benefit of UV lamps. This same situation has led to the amazing and continuing underestimation of Ilimaussaq as a fluorescent collecting paradise. 
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Fluorescent Mineral Collecting In and Around Langban, Sweden (2010)

Fluorescent Mineral Collecting In and Around Langban, Sweden (2010)

The approximately five-hour drive to Filipstad, in the State of Värmland, Sweden meandered through beautiful Norwegian rural areas (we kept hearing this voice say "recalculating"), before reaching a major highway in Sweden. 
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A fluorescent mineral specimen of tugtupite and sodalite

The Fluorescent Mineral Hobby

Collecting Fluorescent Minerals is an exciting and very satisfying hobby that combines the appreciation of minerals and their unique optical properties. Fluorescent minerals can be found almost anywhere and are often there just for the taking. A spot picked over by daylight mineral rockhounds can be filled with glow rocks at night - the last person never knowing what was left behind. 
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Icebergs at dusk in Greenland

Howie and His White Whale - An Old Greenland Trip Report

"Howie and His White Whale" is a combined report of one man's initial trip and how it turned into a subsequent quest for "Ahab's white whale" of fluorescent minerals - and became an obsession.   (Howie has visited the complex with us every year except for the first.)
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A clam fossil with honey calcite crystals under UV light

What are the most common fluorescent minerals to be found with a 365nm UV flashlight?

What are the most common fluorescent minerals to be found with a 365nm UV flashlight? We’ve come up with a list of fluorescent minerals as a starting point. Fluorescent ruby, honey calcite, green opal, aragonite, fluorite, etc.
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Fluorescent Mineral Show

Ultraviolation 2017 Show Report

As a short digression to provide background, Ultraviolation is a unique rock and mineral show in that only fluorescent minerals are sold.
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Helvetia Mine in Arizona

Helvetia Trip Report

Helvetia. Just the name conjures up all sorts of thoughts, images and expectations. Goddesses, Switzerland, and perhaps even hell itself. Who knew what awaited us in the heart of the Arizona desert?
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Quartz, Calcite, Dolomite

Fluorescent Mineral Collecting Field Trip to the Midwest

I cancelled my plans to take the grandchildren to the fall Franklin Mineral Show. As a Plan B, I decided to go to the Midwest Chapter of the Fluorescent Mineral Society (FMS) meeting and fieldtrips near Cave-in Rock, IL
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Fluorescent Mineral Collecting

Fluorescent Mineral Collecting in Middle Tennessee (The Dry Creek Prospects)

It was officially spring and time to get out to collect fluorescent minerals.
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