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Ussingite, Tugtupite, Polylithionite - Greenland

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6oz, 3.75" x 2" x 1.5"

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The purple ussingite on this piece fluoresces a very rare green color under UV. Ussingite from Ilimaussaq has three possible states: it can be non-fluorescent, fluoresce orange just like sodalite, or can fluoresce green as in this piece. The green fluorescing variety is by far the rarest. The rare green fluorescence comes from mixing with chkalovite. When ussingite fluoresces a more common orange, it is due to being mixed with Sodalite. The black crystals are non-fluorescent arfvedsonite.

There is tugtupite and polylithionite throughout the specimen as well..

Tugtupite vein

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A piece of Tugtupite heart jewelry

Romancing the Stone (A Brief History of Tugtupite)

Perhaps the most famous mineral found in Greenland is tugtupite - and is certainly the main quest of those who travel to this remote area. Local villagers spend much of their free time in pursuit of this stone and many legends have risen around tugtupite. 
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