Tugtupite, Polylithionite, Analcime, Chkalovite - Greenland

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A large, very rich coverage piece of tugtupite. Bright cherry red tugtupite along with analcime (fluorescing bluish color). Exceptionally bright yellow/white polylithionite adds a nice contrast. Not the shift in color of the tugtupite under MW, very pretty color.

Tugtupite is a very rare mineral - found in only three places around the world (Kola Russia, Mt St Hilaire, and Greenland). Pieces from Greenland are the most sought after due to coverage, size and brightness. This material is from the Taseq Slope. Bright cherry red tugtupite with a very bright rare variety of lithium mica - polylithionite. The matrix is albite (or possibly analcime Ð an area of confusion) which fluoresces a dull magenta SW and a dull bluish/white LW.

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