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Phlogopite, Scapolite (Marialite) - Afghanistan

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The fluorescent activators have not been studied from this area and itÕs very unclear what is going on with most of the material from this locality. But they sure do make for some confusing but amazingly beautiful fluorescent specimens.

This piece (as most from Afghanistan) is best displayed using multiple wavelengths, and shows best under a combination of longwave, midwave and shortwave (fullwave), although it is very respectable under SW alone (second pic) - or even MW or LW alone.

There are many scapolite (var. marialite) crystals that are fluorescent a bright yellow LW and dimmer yellow SW. The phlogopite glows a bright yellow SW and a butterscotch color MW (and LW).

Tricolor phlogopite such as this is unusual.

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