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Fantasy Rock - Greenland

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Taseq Slope, Greenland

A great sized rock for anyone who wants to add a fantasy rock to their collection. The main minerals on this specimen are tugtupite (cherry red SW), along with chkalovite (the rarer pearly white variety Ð a classic example of how tugtupite replaces chkalovite), blue analcime, sodalite (orange) and black arfvedsonite throughout the matrix. Under LW both the tugtupite and the sodalite fluoresce a bright orange (more salmon for the tugtupite).

The nickname ÒFantasy RockÓ encompasses a group of rocks found on the Taseq Slope in the Ilimaussaq Complex, Greenland and only in this one locality within the complex. A typical Fantasy Rock usually consists of four basic minerals: tugtupite, sodalite, chkalovite, analcime, and they are always the most color-rich pieces from this exotic, remote locale.

Tugtupite vein

Tugtupite - A Rare Fluorescent Mineral from Greenland

Tugtupite is the most widely known fluorescent mineral from Greeenland. It is used in making beautiful tugtupite cabochons. 
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Collecting Fluorescent Minerals - The Basics, Where to Find Them, and How to Collect Them

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A piece of Tugtupite heart jewelry

Romancing the Stone (A Brief History of Tugtupite)

Perhaps the most famous mineral found in Greenland is tugtupite - and is certainly the main quest of those who travel to this remote area. Local villagers spend much of their free time in pursuit of this stone and many legends have risen around tugtupite. 
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