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DIY Projects

"Do it yourself" - if you are  just a little bit handy and can follow some rough instructions there are a couple projects that can save you quite a bit of money, and result in a lamp that beats anything cost/watt offered on the market today.

WARNING!  If you decide to tackle one of these projects you should have at least a little experience with wiring electronics, building stuff, and tinkering.  If you decide to use some cheap components or lights from China that I have no clue what they might be, you're on your own.  I will answer limited questions about builds I show here, but I cannot help you if you go off on your own with some loose interpretation of my projects using other components. 


trannie-on.jpgDisplay Light

Surplus medical transilluminators are sold on Ebay for pennies on the dollar.  With a little work these can be turned into a "UVC death ray".  The filters are as good as new, and replacing the guts is a relatively easy task. 




9w/18w Portable Field Lights

If you have the ability to cut a square hole in plastic (Dremel), do some spray painting, and make a few minor electrical modifications you can build your own portable field lamp that is far more powerful, rugged, and ergonomic than anything on the market today for the price.


finished.jpg26 Watt AC Shortwave Display Lamp

A real simple project that should cost under $300 for an excellent display lamp with a large filter.  Excellent for home displays and exhibits/shows.

Home display lit by transilluminatorWebmaster's Greenland display lit by modified transilluminator

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