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Past Greenland Travel Trip Reports

We have explored the Ilimaussaq Complex in South Greenland 8 times since 2001.  A few times we did it alone, but usually it was in the company of several other intrepid explorers.  The first few times we wrote some extensive trip reports covering this amazing locality in as much depth as we could muster.  Other folks also wrote trip reports and either published them on their own websites, or in the Fluorescent Mineral Society UV Waves newsletter.

We've taken several of these write-ups and combined them for publication here:

The first, a 2008 Trip Report, shows what a single tour was like. 

The second is a compilation of several reports I wrote in the early years.  Lots of pics (many taken before I really got very good at fluorescent photography, but they get the point across).  Lots of scenery pics....

I also made several presentations about the fluorescent Greenland minerals.  An early study is posted here as a PDF file.

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